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Devilled Dish
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Kottu Rotti
Sri Lankan street Food Isso Wade
Isso wade
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Egg Rotti Meal
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Nalin's fried chicken wings
Tempered Chickpeas
Kadala thel dala
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Fried Rice
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Hoppers Meal
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Fried Rice



We are more than just a karaoke bar. Our venue is equipped with a restaurant, serving you authentic Sri Lankan dishes to keep the night alive!

We provide a vast range of delectable Sri Lankan dishes prepared by our team of talented chefs. Piping hot street foods such as Kotthu, Hoppers and Devilled dishes will take you back to the streets of Sri Lanka! Our various curries, rice dishes and weekly chef’s specials will take you on a cultural journey, showcasing the different flavours of the beautiful island!

Hungry for just a snack? Our menu also consists of Isso Wade, Chicken Wings and much more to satisfy those smaller cravings!

Look below for our full menu!

Cashew Nuts (250g)$14.90
Oven roasted spiced Sri Lankan creamy cashews with fried curry leaves.
Street Omelet$12.90
4 egg omelet cooked with Red chillies, spring onions and Tomato sauce
Isso wade$14.90
Sri Lankan style crispy fried lentil and prawn bites
Kadala thel dala$10.90
Chickpeas tempered in a fragrant mix of chilli, curry leaves, mustard seeds and coconut
Pork & Cassava with chili coconut relish$24
Pork cooked in a traditional Sri Lankan mix of aromatic spices and served with boiled cassava in a chilli coconut relish.
Hot Butter Cuttlefish$17
Flash fried crispy cuttlefish served with chef's special dipping sauce
Nalin's fried chicken wings - 12 pcs$15.90
Crispy chicken wings marinated in chef's special spice mix
Mustard and pepper pork$17
Fragrant and flavourful, this diced pork is tossed in a sauce with spicy mustard, black pepper and coconut vinegar
Sizzling pork / chicken$17
Your choice of meat in a smoky Jaffna tamarind cury. Topped with red onion and fresh mint and served on a sizzling hot plate
Kottu Rotti
The memory of noisy Lankan streets brought to your table. Diced roti tossed in with vegetables and choice of curry.
Beef / Pork / Lamb / Fish$17.90
Mixed Seafood$19.90
Devilled Dishes
Choice of meat tossed in a spicy and tangy sauce with banana peppers and capsicum.
Beef / Pork$18.90
Jasmine rice tossed in with the chef's special biryani mix of aromatic spices and herbs. Cooked with your choice of meat and served with raita.
Lamb / Beef$17.90
Fragrant and flavourful, the iconic Lamprais is possibly the most significant and delicious legacy left behind by the Dutch in Sri Lanka.
Mixed Meat$21.90
Egg Rotti meal
(1 x Egg Rotti, 2 x Plain Rotti)
Home made egg rottti served with your choice of curry and tomato onion sambal
Chicken / Pork$17.90
Lamb / Beef / Fish$18.90
Fried rice
Egg fried rice served with your choice of devilled meat and chillie paste.
Chicken / Pork$16.90
Beef / Fish$17.90
Mixed seafood$19.90
Nasi Goreng
A classic Malaysian sidh with a Sri Lankan twist. Stir fried rice and meat of choice topped off with a crispy fried egg.
Chicken / Pork$17.90
Mixed Meat$18.90
Mixed Seafood$19.90
Attic's Chef's Special Fried Rice
Nalin's take on fried rice has him mixing in your choice of meat with a special blend of spices and fragrant rice.
Chicken / Pork$17.90
Mixed Meat$18.90
Mixed Seafood$19.90


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